Rib displacement

by Marie
(Englewood, Florida USA)

I dislocated a rib by picking up my great grand son while he was asleep. Bending over to pick him up at first didn't bother me but later on in the day I had a very painful back that just got worse as the day went on. I could hardly take a deep breath. I am 74 years old and overweight and also out of shape. I went to a walk-in clinic and thank God, the doctor knew just what it was and pushed it back in place. I used a heating pad and took it easy for a few weeks and I feel great now.

EDitor sez:
There aren't many benefits to growing older, but having the sense to take it easy following an injury is one. :-)

Next question is whether you'll have the sense to get in shape a little. Remember, that great-grandson is NOT getting any lighter...

Get yourself a kettlebell or three. Do some kettlebell swings.

Stand with your feet a bit more than shoulder-width apart.
Grasp the kettlebell handle with both hands (you'll likely have to overlap your grip), and allow the weight to hang down between your legs.

Swing your hips forward, pushing your arms and the hanging kettlebell.

On the return swing, bend a bit at the hips - while keeping your back straight - and allow the momentum of the weight to swing it back between your legs.

Just as it reaches the furthest point of backswing (somewhere behind your knees) and is about to start forward, throw your hips forward again, while straightening up. This should cause your hips and thighs to push your arms forward, bringing the weight along.

If you are doing it right, the weight will swing up to about shoulder height in front of you, with your arms extended, and you standing fully erect. No need to overdo it. If the weight is getting up around eye level on those forward swings, that's more than plenty.

As the weight begins to arc down again, allow it to pull your arms down and between your legs, while you bend only at the hips (not the waist...). Your back remains flat - no rounding, no hump - and your head and neck should remain in alignment with your spine as your top half tips forward. This means that, when the weight reaches the farthest point in its rearward swing, you will be looking straight ahead... but with the angle of your head and torso that will have you looking at a spot on the floor about six feet (less than two meters) in front of you. On the return swing, your body straightens up to vertical, bringing your head erect with it, and you are looking straight forward to a spot on the wall, or out the window.

You should be exhaling as the weight swings down, between your legs, and out behind you - this is compressing your chest a bit anyway. Then inhale as the weight swings forward and up, away from your body, which lifts any pressure off your chest... so you might as well take advantage by sucking in some air without having to fight any mechanical resistance.

Don't lean exaggeratedly back at the top of the swing, but don't fight to avoid it. Just let your upper body do what comes naturally to balance the forward motion of the weight, and of your hips. If you are doing it right, your feet should remain planted on the floor.

Continue the swing for 50 to 100 repetitions. You should be seriously out of breath, and starting to sweat by the end of this. If not, then increase the weight next time.

The kettlebell swing is deceptively simple, and yet is one of the most effective overall single exercises, working a large number of muscles. It also helps balance and stability.

All you need is some space and a weight that's easy to hold throughout the movement. That could be a kettlebell, or it could be a hefty dumbell. Takes a couple of minutes from your day.

Another fine part of our MHT philosophy of doing the minimum to keep body and soul together and functional, while having a life and time to enjoy it.

We exercise to live. We don't live to exercise.



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Oct 27, 2015
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Oct 24, 2012
by: Marie

I fogot to mention that my great grand son is two years old. Not really a baby anymore and quite heavy, around 35 pounds.

Oct 24, 2012
by: Marie

I fogot to mention that my great grand son is two years old. Not really a baby anymore and quite heavy, around 35 pounds.

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